Monday, 26 October 2015

Black Friday: Celebrate the American Way!

An increasingly popular event in the shopping calendar, the deals and savings to be found on 'Black Friday' is an American tradition, taking place the first Friday after the national holiday of Thanksgiving.

This year it's set to take place on Friday, 27th Nov - so why not join in on the American theme?

Our Stars and Stripes characters have been very successful in the past in embracing an American loving of shopping for savings before Christmas. We've also sent out American icons like Marilyn Monroe!
We also offer a different take on the American-theme with our Native American characters!
An alternative take on Black Friday might include our toy characters, as Santa starts his Christmas shopping!
There are loads of ideas and options available for Black Friday events, suitable for any theme or promotion. 

Contact Q20 now for ideas and prices!

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